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The Saba Academy After School program is happy to introduce the following classes for students who wish to take their school performance to the next level and set the path to entering prestigious colleges and universities.

 The After School Program introduces the following classes:

  • Math Advancement – Grades 4-8 – The Math class covers the current curriculum that students are doing in school at the moment. We review class material and also look more in depth into concepts that they are learning and visit these concepts at higher grade levels.
  • Debate Class (English Language Arts) – Grades 4-8 – We teach students how to research and analyze their sources and present them in coherent, academic formats. We also teach students the skill of public speaking.
  • Modern Arabic Language – Grades 1-8 – This class teaches students how to understand, speak, write and read modern Arabic.
  • Physics – Grade 6-8 – We introduce 8th Grade Physics to 6th/7th graders and review the material for 8th Graders.
  • Martial Arts (Karate) for girls, Grades 1 – 8

See the Registration Form below for more details.

After School Fees and Registration Form

Please pay all fees for the After School Program, directly to the After School Director.