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Kindergarten - R.I.S.E. Academy
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The Kindergarten grade covers various subjects such as Language Arts, Math, Islamic studies, and Science. In Language Arts, the first two trimesters of kindergarten is focused on letter learning (sound, written and the main spelling forms) as well as word building. During the third trimester, we advance to cover digraphs, additional spelling forms of letters and silent ā€˜eā€™ variants. In addition, during the third trimester students will move to writing sentences and basic paragraphs. The Math in kindergarten covers numbering 0-30, measurement, sorting, patterns, graphing, geometry, calendar and time as well as addition and subtraction. Moving above and beyond our curriculum, students will also learn about word numbers one to 20, advance graphing such as tally marks, and advanced number facts. Another main subject in kindergarten is Islamic studies (IS) which partially intertwines with social studies, art and science. In IS, we cover the main themes of prophets and Imams (and relate to Islamic calendar), akhlaq and manners including cleanliness and hygiene, preventing Israf, and Character Education, family which includes respect, love, appreciation and humbleness towards parents and sibling. The students will additionally learn about the attributes of the Creator as they learn about the seasons and grow plants and creating a terrarium of plants and animals. Lastly, we use first grade level science curriculum of FOSS Kit.

The kindergarten year also includes supplemental projects and activities. As students learn about the alphabets, they learn about a group of animals, one for each letter. Students learn how to read and write the name, draw and make the animal using art supplies. Throughout the year, they collect their paper animals and add them to our big Jungle poster. In addition, during the second trimester, students work on their individual science projects. They pick three animals of interest from our jungle animal collection, design questions about each, and learn how to use scientific methods to find answers to their questions. Lastly, students make presentation posters and present their work in our school-wide science fair. In the course of this project, students also practice their public speaking and presentation skills. The kindergarten students also participate in Stanford Program for Gifted Youth (SPGY) for extra-curricular math activities. Students will have a chance to use a classroom laptop to work on interactive animated math exercises which fits their level and will advance to the next according to their own pace. Healthy Food is another project of our kindergarten students. Early in the year, they are introduced to healthy eating and appreciating variety in fruits and vegetables. Students make their pocket-size as well as the poster-size food pyramid. They keep their pocket-size pyramid in lunch boxes and help parents to pack healthy snack and food for them throughout the year.