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Financial aid is awarded by the Saba Academy Financial Aid Committee based on need only. Awards are granted solely based on information provided on the financial aid application. Please note, that there is no disadvantage in the admission process for financial aid applicants.

Financial assistance is available at SABA Academy to make up the difference between what families can afford and the actual cost of an Islamic education. The philosophy is that the children whose families cannot afford the full cost of education can still have an opportunity to attend an Islamic school and benefit from it. Families are expected to pay the cost of their child’s education to the extent of their ability.

Funds for Financial Assistance use are limited. These funds are available through private donations of community members and Khums.

Financial Assistance is available to Kindergarten – 8th grade students for the academic months (August through June) and is granted on an as needed basis with priority given to returning students and whose parents are members of the SABA Center.

Financial Assistance status expires at the end of the academic year (June, unless contract states otherwise) and must be reapplied for the next academic year. The renewal process will be based on:

  • The student having achieved satisfactory progress, 75% or better, in the previous school year.
  • The student having satisfactory evaluations in effort and conduct grade
  • The parent/guardian completing and submitting a new financial assistance application by the deadline and demonstrating financial need.
  • Full payment of all previous school year account balances.
  • Availability of funds.

In return for financial assistance, families shall provide assistance to the school in non-financial manners such as providing 20 hours per year of their time and expertise in performing various tasks as directed by the school administration. These may include tutoring, driving students to field trips, school maintenance, special school occasions, fundraisers, etc.

If you will be applying for financial assistance for the next school year, submit a completed Financial Assistance application form indicating annual tuition and admission fee amounts along with a detailed letter explaining why you require this assistance. Also provide COPIES of the following documents:

  • Last 2 Paycheck stubs
  • Last year’s certified tax return and W-2 Form(s)
  • Last 2 months bank statements
  • Proof of loan payments/debt

Please mail the requested documents to the following address OR hand deliver them to the school office in a “sealed” envelope:

SABA Academy
Attn: Financial Assistance Committee
4415 Fortran Court
San Jose, CA 95134

These documents will be kept strictly confidential. After receipt and review of all the required documents, you may be called for an interview. Any missing documents/information will delay the approval process. No financial assistance will apply until parent receives written confirmation of the approved amount of assistance to be provided.

The priority deadline for submission for the new academic year is May 30th. Please submit your application within one week, if you apply after the priority deadline.

Application For Financial Assistance

Download (Saba-Academy-Application-for-Financial-Assistance-20132014.pdf)