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About Saba Academy - R.I.S.E. Academy
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About Saba Academy

Welcome to Saba Academy, where students embark on a journey of self discovery through the learning process. We are a community-based non-profit school. Students nurture and develop their natural desire to gain knowledge.

We believe in the empowerment of all stake holders in the education of our children. We integrate Islamic values and practices with academic learning.

The school program nurtures the spiritual, physical, social, psychological, and academic development of students. The curriculum promotes learning from natural forms and processes, to help create a sustainable and safe natural environment, integrating Qur’anic studies, Islamic morals, English reading and writing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health, Art, Technology and Media, Arabic reading and writing, and Physical Education.

School Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 7:45am – 3:20pm

Friday: 7:45am – 2:00pm