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4th Grade - R.I.S.E. Academy
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4th Grade

At SABA Academy we strive to make learning exciting so that students are able to experience the joy of discovering new ideas. Students build new skills while developing a love of learning. We have a low teacher: student ratio and are therefore able to provide our students with personalized academic care. Students in grades 4 learn new vocabulary, experiment with words and word origins, and write descriptive, detailed essays that entice their readers!

We follow California State Standards and our curriculum includes arithmetic, geometry, algebra, physical science, and history. Students study art, biology, geography, and mathematics. We encourage students to discover new ideas through our Science Fair, Reading Competition, and Islamic Holidays; a unique aspect that distinguishes our school.

SABA Academy also focuses on Islamic Studies and is able to embed this facet into the curriculum.

Grade 4 students take field trips to support their academic learning. We explore California when we visit Mission Santa Clara. Students experience science when they design circuits at the Intel Museum. In the San Jose Tech Museum, students discover science through interactive exhibits. It is through extensive individual and small group lessons that SABA Academy helps children find a wealth of knowledge about their community, country, world and universe.

Curriculum info & websites:

Math: California HSP Math for grades 4 and 5. www.harcourtschool.com

Language Arts: HSP California Excursions: Side by Side (Grade 4) www.harcourtschool.com

History: Houghton Mifflin California: A Changing State (Grade 4).

Science: Foss Science Living Systems & Water Planet. For more information visit: http://www.fossweb.com/CA/

Islamic Studies: SABA Fiqh and History. http://www.saba-igc.org/sunday-school/sabbooks http://www.saba-igc.org/sunday-school/sabbooks